The youngest was 19, the oldest only 26. Seven lifetimes worth of tomorrows given in service to country and Corps.

Camp Lejeune has officially identified the seven Marines killed by a mortar explosion during a training exercise in Nevada.

According to Capt. Binford Strickland, the victims are LCpl. David P. Fenn ll, 20, of Polk City, Fla., Pfc. Joshua M. Martino, 19, of Clearfield, Pa., LCpl. William T. Wild IV, 21, of Anne Arundel, Md., LCpl. Joshua C. Taylor, 21, of Marietta, Ohio, LCpl. Roger W. Muchnick Jr., 23, of Fairfield, Conn., Cpl. Aaron J. Ripperda, 26, of Madison, Ill., and LCpl. Mason J. Vanderwork, 21, of Hickory, N.C.

Individual photos of the Marines who died..
"The American military is like a finely crafted sword. To be effective, it must be wielded by a discerning, skilled and merciless hand."