Hey yall Im hunting a donation for our church garden. A little background, we plant a pretty good sized garden every year and donate the harvest to needy and food banks locally here in Mid Tn. We use a 3 point PTO tiller behind the tractor now and it takes forever to work up 7 acres with it and we also have two tillers that we will use as well, and have been doing it this way for 3 years now. I mentioned getting a disc to help speed things up a bit and everyone is all for it but we will begining construction of our new building this spring and every dollar is being invested in it instead of a garden upgrade or two. What I was wondering was if anyone has or knows someone who has an old disc sitting in a field edge or in a barn that they might wanna donate to us we would be more than happy to except! It doesnt have to be pretty, just work or get in working condition with a little elbow grease and time. We are located around Nashville but I would travel a little to pick one up. Our tractor is a 47 HP 4x4 so Id say maybe a 6 foot or so disc would be perfect, 3 point or pull behind, we are not picky!!! Thanks for atleast reading this and please PM me if you might have a lead on one! Thanks again fellas. \:\)