Not what you are thinking ;\) but Now that I have your attention.

We have had a Beaver problem on the farm. Best guess there were 7 of them. Over the past 6 months we've shot 4 and broken their dam 3 times. Each time they repaired it within a day or two. We launched an all out assault over the weekend.

Their dam backed about 2-3 feet of water up across about 8 acres including one of our food plots. It was 2 feet above water level in places and ran about 300 yards long.

5 of us with shovels axes and picks broke it in about a dozen places with gaps as wide as 3o feet. The water dropped a foot in 3 hours and it was nearly dry the next morning.

Next we burned them out with 2 people waiting with shotguns.

Gregg got pretty hot in the stand and the ladder caught fire. \:\)

The fire probably wasn't necessary since we could easily get the tractor in there, but hey we got to have a big fire.

2 came out 1 got shot(no body recovered) but he flopped a bit before sinking. He might not be dead but he didn't have a good day. So there might be 1 or 2 left, but they have a LOT of work ahead if they want to rebuild. Gonna check on them in a few days.
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