Dear Curtis,

I am really at a lost as what to say!! Thank you of course! Your alls thought fullness is a blessing from GOD. Thank you all for sharing your gift with me.

The kindness and LOVE from the TNDEER.COM Family is Amazing. I know you felt from the Gift of the Deck Build.

I enjoyed meeting you your family and the guys and gals from TNDEER. that day. Give your mom and aunt a big hug. This money is much appreciated!! It came in handy with the extra Doctors bill. I used it on Doctor bills and utilities. But the thing I am most thankful for is the puppy I got at the animal shelter. The house was so empty and quiet, I know I needed a companion. I remember your dog. Now I will not feel so crazy when I say something out loud!!!

Please thank Everyone from the Bottom of my heart from TNDEER.

Patricia Mann

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Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

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