Met Trigger on Thursday.
SUPER nice guy and someone I wouldn't mind hanging out with and doing some hunting with for sure.

He drove all the way from Clarksville to meet inthedoghouse and his son, who drove from Ripley to help me do my new driveway.
2 and a half hours for Trigger to help someone he had never met pour concrete.
Over an hour and a half for inthedoghouse just to help me.

I say help me, but in all honesty I didn't do anything. They did it all.
I will never understand how I am so blessed to call such fine people my friends.
This place amazes me.

Here are a few pictures of the action. I didn't get any of the finished product because it was way after dark before they finished.
They got here at 7 and didn't leave till after 9 that night.
I was gonna take some pics today but I was sick as a dog today.
I will get some tomorrow if it isn't raining.

Top quality job without a doubt.

Bobby G showed up ready to "work". Notice the pork skins. \:\)

inthedoghouse can spend money faster than a woman with a credit card at the mall. When he digs a hole that has to be filled with rock, he means it. \:\)

Trigger doin what he does. Found out he looks alot like Michael Waddel too \:D

Man saying he thinks he can drive this sucker.

Here is Chris watching as man realizes giving Bobby a "deadleg" was fun, till he repayed the favor.

Lastly here is inthedoghouse giving directions to his "crew" \:D

Again, I am very humbled for the help and for the quality of the people that hang out here.

Thank you so very very much.
Youth is wasted on the young.