Add me to the group of unlucky ones. I mounted my brand new FF3 on a speedbead mount (12 gauge Rem 870 synthetic) last week and shot it for the first time this evening. To start, I left my Magnum Gobble Dot sights on my vent rib to use as a point of reference for the red dot (getting the windage and elevation real close before my first shot). I adjusted the red dot to where it aligned perfect with my gobble dot sights, which are nothing more than rifle sights with TruGlo fiber optics that are easy to see. I started out shooting high brass squirrel loads at 30 yards to check POA/POI, and my target was 36"X36". I would shoot my gun, lay it down on the ground, walk to my target, put another target up and then walk back to my gun, sit down, shoulder it, look through red dot sight, etc. Three out of the six shots, my red dot moved enough that I could tell with my own eyes when I shouldered the next time, and it moved substantially the last two times of the six, like ten clicks on the elevation. My very last shot was a hard kicking 3.5" MagBlend and it really caused the red dot to shift an unbelievable amount. I shot the MagBlend, laid my gun down, walked down to the target, put a new target up and came back and shouldered my gun and the red dot was literally pointing at my rear sight base, way way low compared to where it was just two minutes ago when I shot the MagBlend. That was enough for me. Furthermore, I had to move the elevation and windage adjustments on my last three shots just to get it back close to my Gobble Dot Sights, which are stationary and not moving, that's for certain. I packed all of my stuff up and came to the house. I can honestly say there is nothing worse than not having confidence in your gear. I am shipping back to Amazon tomorrow for a refund. This is not a slam on Burris by any means, just thought that it was worth sharing with the group.

Here's what it looked like mounted on my gun.

My plan of action at this point is to use my tried and true sights that are on the gun and in the meantime I am going to see if a Doctor red dot will mount to my speedbead mount. I have read good things about them, albeit they are more costly, that's for sure. I really like the concept of the red dot and how it looked when I aimed, but I despise a floating red dot or anything else for that matter that is a confidence killer on something as important as my turkey gun. YMMV
Andy S.

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