The White House announced this morning that because of the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration, President Obama was forced to tell Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, she had to move out of the White House. Moments after his mother-in-law and her possessions disappeared through the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in a rented U-haul truck, Obama met with reporters in the Rose Garden.

"Understandably she’s disappointed. But she is well aware that, along with the stagnant economy and soaring national debt, the blame for her eviction falls on my predecessor and the Republican congress."

As a parting gift Vice President Biden gave her a sawed off double barrel shotgun and a dozen boxes of shells to protect herself in her new residence
I don't always eat meat but when I do I prefer deer. Stay hungry my friends-nbforrest#3

To be fair, we can now blame everything on everything else-Wildcat

A nation of sheep breeds a gov't of wolves