Ok- went again this morning-37*, 5-10 nw wind, partly cloudy. The first set was uneventful except that the batteries died in my Foxpro after about 30 minutes which was good enough. I always carry a couple of hand calls too so the dead batteries were no big deal. Ate a snack and drank a coke and then moved about 1/4 mile away to set up again over a small saddle along a known travel way. Being a good site for an ambush just decided to watch awhile- after about 30 minutes I spotted a coyote cross wind of me working through the timber toward me; it would move a few yards and then stop and watch/listen. It finally stopped in a clear place broadside at about 25 yds. The 85g Sierra ended her career with a pinwheel through the chest-bang flop-no yips spins nor struggles. She was a good sized female with a bobbed tail from some sort of old injury I reckon. Anyway another good day in the field.

We were soldiers once, and young.