After yesterday's rain it seemed like a good morning to give it a whirl-partly cloudy, 37*, light nnw wind. Of course he came in from the wrong direction angling downwind! from over my left shoulder. As I spotted him and turned he wheeled and ran back the way he had come. Followed with the crosshairs and jerked off a shot just as he disappeared over the terrain at about 45 yards. Fox bang went to coyote death crys so don't know if he made any noise or not. Walked over that way figuring Maggie's drawers but there he was in agonal gasps. The 85g Sierra varminter running about 2800 and change angled through as he was quartering away and pretty much ruined his day. He was pretty much eviserated on the off side exit. He was responding to a chicken distress running on a Foxpro Wildfire. Being lucky trumps being good; it just ain't as reliable! Rifle is 6.5 DTI built by Dtech.

Drag out

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