I mounted my Burris FF-III on the Mossy 935, go it zeroed and then put some pellets 40 yards down range. All shots were thru a Jellyhead .690 choke.

All I can say is that the FF-III made a world of difference for me in that I now have been able to adjust and pin point my POI a lot better than I was able to with open sights. I don't have before pics but trust me...I'm a lot more confident now that I have ever been before. With open sights, the highest concentration of pellets would always be to the upper left which explains why I have missed more birds than I care to admit.

Based on the pics...guess what ammo is going in the Mossy this spring ;\) ?

Rem Nitros 3" #6 shot

Winchester X-Tended Range 3.5" #6 shot

Winchester Supreme 3.5" #6 shot

Hevi-Mag Blends 3.5" (5, 6, 7 shot)