OK. Last march I applied for 3 suppressors. One was a .223 on was a .22 LR integral and the other was a .30 cal suppressor. I received my paperwork for the integral suppressor before Christmas and I went to pick up my pistol no problem. I love it. It sounds great wouldn't ask for anything more. January I get a phone call he says I got your paperwork come get you " can" I go there he tries to bs me for a couple hrs till I start getting aggravated. He gives me a can that is not mime and does not match my serial number which could have got both are a$$put in prison and tells me that he will have it ready Monday. Well its Monday. I go by there after waiting 2 hrs he finally has his workers finish my suppressor. I get my can with the correct serial number and my paperwork and leave

January I get a text "when you gonna get your can and your paperwork. I go the next day to pick up my can he says well its not safe for you to shoot cause it had a bullet strike on it so I agree and leave my gun after 2 weeks I call and ask for my gun back. I've contacted him since asking for at least a refund on the suppressor and the only response I get is no . What can I do to get my money or my suppressor I don't want to get a lawyer because I'm going to have to much money tied up in this. I only gave $350 for the .223 $350 for the .30 cal and $300 for the integral suppressor. I'm to the point now to where I'm ready to forget him and start this cycle all over again like I should have in the first place eliteiron.com someone please help before I go over the edge on this shi!!y business

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