Well got to shoot the new conversion for the second time today. The first outing was a bust as I have a loose bore on the cva. After speaking with the experts on doug's I learned a quick knurling will tighten up the bullet in the sabot & dramatically increase pressure. It took 4 shots to get it sighted in with the new scope. The first shot was at 2450 fps. After the barrel dirtied a little I was seeing 2500+ with the last 4 shots ranging between 2550 & 2570 fps.
This gun is quite the shooter as I shot a 4 shot group at 100 and they were all touching & 2 almost in the same hole (see pic below). I finished the day with 3 shots on a sign I set up at the back of the property at 187 yards. it was definately sub moa. I will stretch it out to 300 yards next weekend.
The sabots all opened perfectly (see pic) as I waited about 10 minutes between shots. Want to thank tar12 as he was alot of help getting me set up.
I can't wait to get my encore barrel in so I can send it off so both my boys will have a 300yd killin ML I guess I will be stuck shooting the 50 cal.
cva stainless 45-70 conversion
nikon buckmaster 4.5-14-40 bdc w/ sf
60gns n120
barnes 195 exp
harvester light blue crushed sabot