I'm not a huge fan of full-strut decoys (or decoys in general), but I do occasionally use them when hunting large fields. I modified a Primos Killer-B decoy by adding a curved tail fan and by adding a shoelace adjuster to the string.

The curved fan enables much more decoy movement compared to the standard flat fan. The curved fan allows the decoy to move no matter which direction the wind is blowing. Also, the curved fan allows the fan to be seen from any angle.

The coolest feature with the Killer-B is the ability to raise and lower the tail fan. The Killer-B is designed to enable the hunter to raise the tail fan by pulling a string to grab the attention of a gobbler. By putting a shoestring lock/adjuster on the string, the tail fan can be "locked" into several different positions from full-strut to half-strut to no fan at all.

I also switched out the head of the Killer-B with a jake decoy head. The head is more submission but still serves the purpose of mimicking a gobbler in full-strut.

I wrote a blog about it on my website I just started and included more pictures if you are interested: www.amcunninghamoutdoors.com

Here is one view of it:

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