Tomorrow he is supposed to sign the papers. I have to say I have mixed emotions. He's going in with a designated school, to be a Hospital Corpsman. He'll train in Great Lakes and then on to San Antonio. Ships out Sept. 3rd... \:\(

On the one hand I'm very,very proud of him. On the other, I am dead set against him serving a government that has become one of the most vile and corrupt on the planet.

He's following family tradition though. I served in the Corps so I know what he'll be doing. My MOS was 0311 infantry, so I know firsthand. His grandfather also served in the Navy and I had many relatives that served in Iraq, Vietnam, Korea(dad), WW2, WW1, Spanish American War, The War of Yankee Aggression, War of 1812, and the Revolution. I should've known it would happen... Say a prayer for him please. Name is Cameron.
Good night Chesty, wherever you are!

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