Just got back from my wifes grandmothers funeral in KY and find our house has been broken into. They rifled through the master bedroom drawers so my wife feels violated. They found the keys to the gun cabinet and got my Ruger Super Blackhawk and Marlin 1894 (both 44mag) but left all of the other rifles and shotguns. Fortuneately they didnt find the reset keys for the digital handgun safe with my fathers Ruger P85. They also got my wifes controlled prescription meds and some of her jewelery, most of it holding sentimental value, some change and a pocket/fillet knife that belonged to my grandfather.

Im thinking that whoever was in the house has been in here before. They managed to come in an unlocked 2nd story window.

Ive got the serial number to the Ruger, but not the Marlin. The police have the info, so I am hoping they turn up in a pawn shop.

Almost tempted to put a sign up in the front yard "you didnt get them all...wanna try again?".

If you are in the Clarksville pawnshops, be on the lookout for a Stainless Ruger Super Blackhawk, SN: 88-30186 and a Marlin 1894, the front sling ring/forend ring that has a broken screw.

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