Hey everyone,

I know there are some hard core bowhunters out there who might want me beheaded for even asking this.. but how many think that Ed Ashby's studies on single blade broadheads are necessary for consistently killing white tail deer?

Specifically, in his studies he concludes that full penetration and an exit wound give the highest probability of a fatal shot; no disagreement there. He suggests that the best way to achieve this is with a heavy arrow (excess of 700 grains) and a heavier 3 inch single blade broadhead.

It seems that todays mechanicals and arrows have come a LONG way from the late 90s and especially brands like rage seem to give consistent penetration and a high percentage for mortally wounding deer. His main contention was that broadheads similar to these often break, bend, shatter, during penetration and reduce the chance of lethality. What are your thoughts? Last deer I shot entered through both rib cages and the only damage to my mechanical was a blade slightly bent... deer ran about 60 yards.