Yesterday was voting day in Chattanooga for Mayor & Council. We FINALLY are getting rid of that no-good liberal democrat Ron Littlefield who did absolutely nothing good for the city. The council wasn't much tax increases, etc.

Well, three of the seven incumbents LOST - my district included (I voted for the winner - a conservative teaparty-type). A councilman who I've known all my life, went to school with his boy, and I actually like...LOST to the 1st openly homosexual candidate in Chatt history. WHY??? Good ole Manny actually said the council didn't have to listen to the citizens...I reckon they really do!

Two other council members are in run-offs also.

My personal favorite councilman to hate, Andre McGrary, LOST...LOL!!!!

But, and this is where I cast my most influential vote in my lifetime...was the mayor race. Now, the guy who won with 72% of the vote used to be a State a (D)...and lives up on Lookout Mountain. No way I could vote for him - even though I knew he was already anointed - and had garnered nearly 3/4 of a million dollars in campaign contributions.

His next closest opponent, spent oh - I'd say about $2,000 of his own money...didn't take contributions...and said if he lost - well, he'd just go Crappie fishing.

...So, in the write in section for mayor on my ballot, I wrote in, "Crappie Luck". \:D

So far, I haven't seen if he got any more votes though.
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