Guy's and Gal's,
I am in no way chopping on anybody's tree for what they have there stuff priced at on, just want to make that clear up front. There is a guy on here in a forum that has not given me the go ahead to ask for prayers for this person and family. But I am taking it on myself to ask that we all pray for this person, Jesus Christ knows who it is so we need no name here. I am traveling from Knoxville around 150 miles this evening to buy an item that this person has, I am also giving $20 dollars more than is being asked for it simply because I made $20 dollars on an item that I sold last week and I know this person needs it more than I do. Please know that I am not blowing my own horn here, because it is not about me at all. I just know that there are people out there that need help sometimes and I want to pass on what has been given to me to others, it is not mine in the first place. Just pray and help others when you can. Sorry this is so long
In Chirst