From the 'Just when you think you're getting ahead department':

OK quick update - Anne's been having 'issues' with her back legs - she runs like the wind after a rabbit, then the next moment she can't get her back legs to work at all, like she is temp. paralyzed.

So, off to the vet yesterday, x-rays are REAL bad, Congenital disorder, both her knee caps are 90 degrees, to the outside of where they should be, and both her hips joints are malformed, with the beginning of some arthritis in her left hip.

Where to start....Knees first, this morning, a short prayer for the surgeon if you would, that he does what he does well, and Anne's pull though OK.

Vet says knees are easy, fast to heal, and after she's fully recovered from that we'll re-visit her hips.

Seems the left hip is FAR worse than the right, so that will be next, I'm told that that will involved actually cutting off the 'ball' part of her femur and letting the connective tissue 'act' as the new joint, she'll have a gimp on that side, but otherwise it will be pain free 'after the fact'.

Her right hip, may or may not be an issue, the vet said '...see this, this is pretty bad, but look at her left hip this is horrible....' so based on that comparison we'll hold off for know on her right hip.

This was tough decision for me, and I'm not sure Miss Robin is on board 100%, very tough, but in the end I simply could not do what I know most would have done in my shoes, and I too, likely should have done, but

Her surgery is today - so let the rehab begin......

For those that don't know her, here she is:

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