All apples, to show some pruning and training that I do. This is not showing "the way" its showing "a way" of doing things, there are multiple approaches. I show 2-4 year old trees which is when training is critical IMO. Also remember you may need to some things differently, for instance, I have very heavy soil so I dont have to stake but maybe 1/3 of my trees. I also dont have to worry about deer browsing my trees that much so I may have smaller cages than some others. My main concern is bears and theres just not alot that will stop a bear besides a bullet.
I know some pics are hard to see, just hard to get a good pic of branches so sorry.

Wolf River MM111 3rd leaf. Very vigorous variety for me that trains itself fairly well.

Limbertwig Standard 2nd leaf. Will work on bringing those angles down more next year.

Unknown variety I grafted from local tree. MM111. 2nd leaf

Arkansas Black. Standard. 4th leaf

GoldRush. MM111. Very vigorous variety for me. The top goes well out of the top of the pic and its just 3rd leaf.
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