Mr Desjarlais,
My name is Daniel Okeefe and I am writing you concerning the new military medal being created for the pilots of drone attacks. I honorably served in the USMC for four and a half years before being medically retired due to injuries obtained while deployed to Iraq. The medal that is in question is the Distinguished Warfare Medal. While I recognize that drone pilots are vital to the modern day warfare tactics for the United States, I do not believe that this medal should out rank any medal received while risking ones life while actually being deployed and risking ones life on the front lines of battle. The new medal is ssaid to outrank the Purple Heart and the Bronze star with Combat V (for valor, also known as combat distinguishing device) and I, as well as many other Veterans and non-Veterans alike, see this as a slap in the face to those that have fallen and risked their lives in service to this country. I personally have received both of the previously mentioned medals but am not writing this out of concern or regard for myself. I am writing this to you because of other Veterans that have bravely fought, been wounded, and even fallen in battle. I have lost many friends who showed much more dedication and Valor than myself and am very dissapointed to see our Government show so little respect for their lives and dedication to service. Our country and Veterans deserve better than what is being provided them, especailly from events such as these, and I urge you to do everything that is in your power to pass this along and stand up for the Veterans of your district and of the country for which you and I have or are serving. Please speak up for those who cannot and recomend that the Order of Precedence for this medal be revised and placed in a more suited and respectable spot on our men and womens uniforms.
Daniel Okeefe, CPL USMC

I urge everyone here that feels that what I wrote is correct to also pass along your disdain for this medal and its' precedence to our elected reps.
We the unwanted, do the unthinkable, for the ungrateful.
In Each Other We Trust.