500+ pics in 2 weeks... the majority of which came from the past week only, when the deer realized that the salt tastes good...

Here are a few of the better ones.


What's that rock over there?

First bobcat

The natural blind (in progress) behind the doe

Finally, they taste the salt

Look at the size difference. The one on the right I am calling "horsey" -

A better look at horsey. Next to the doe in the previous pic, she isn't the biggest, but she looks mature. I can't decide if she is old, or just ugly.

Tongues.... lol

The only "buck" I have gotten since deer season -

This one has a broken leg... several pics and she is carrying the same leg in every pic

horsey again... hope I can put an arrow in her. Cant tell if she is blowing coat or just has a weird hide, around the belly area.

looks like a fox...

And some snow pics from this morning, before it melted