This system is interesting. You deploy a wireless black box unit at a convenient location on your property. You can then connect up to 10 different cameras to the black box unit using wireless technology. However, the cameras have to be within 500ft of the black box unit. So if you wanted to put multiple cameras within a 1000ft diameter circle, it would be pretty cool. That's just over 18 acres of total coverage. The pictures from each camera are transmitted to the black box unit, so the idea is that you wouldn't have to disturb any of your camera sites. You just pull the card at the black box unit to check all of your cameras. Neat concept, but I don't think I have enough trail cam sites that are close enough together for this to be of use to me. I'm guessing it may not work well if there are any decent sized hills in the way. Plus, it's probably more than I would be willing to spend.
"Florida State blew the coverage and they got rewarded for it. Coach Brian Kelly