What hypocrites the officials at the University of Tennessee have become!

They want the right to be prejudicial and discriminate against others. But they would scream to high heaven if the citizens wanted that same right [like businesses being able to hire whom they choose instead of hiring quotas].

The UT Advocacy website says they are "a grassroots network of alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Tennessee System." Their friends - the sheeple's nightmare.

The truth is they are a political organization funded by the taxpayer who works to undermine the very people whom they are supposed to serve - the taxpayer. They are not grassroots at all.

Below are two e-mails that UT Advocacy sent me during the month of February.

Excerpt from e-Mail sent from UT Advocacy, Feb. 15, 2013:


Advocacy Alert: Anti-Diversity Legislation (SB08/HB448)

Please pay special attention to the item below, as active advocacy is needed.

SB 8 (Summerville R-Dickson)/HB 448 (Powers R-Jacksboro): Prevents institutions of higher education from granting preference based on race, gender or ethnicity to students, employees or contractors. “Preference” in this legislation is currently undefined and could apply to all of the following areas (this list is not exhaustive):

- Gender-based residence halls

- Programs (e.g. summer programs for women interested in exploring STEM fields)

- Opportunity Hiring Processes

- Student Organizations (e.g. all female sororities, all male fraternities, any organization wherein membership is based upon gender, race, or ethnicity)

- NCAA Sanctioned Sports Teams and Scholarships

- In Committee this week, Sen. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) managed to amend the bill stipulating that it would prohibit any outreach or recruitment effort based on race, gender, or ethnicity. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jim Summerville (R-Dickson) accepted this as a “friendly amendment.” This is a direct reversal of Sen. Summerville’s original position, articulated in a meeting of higher education stakeholders the day before the committee took up the bill. Summerville had expressed that it was not his intent to impact recruitment and outreach efforts.

Campfield’s amendment would certainly impact existing practices that seek to recruit underrepresented groups to apply for certain programs or jobs. An example includes men in nursing programs. [Recipient comment: Or the right they want to discriminate against a student applicant in favor of a less qualified one.]

Please contact members of the House and Senate Education Committees on this bill. Let them know that diversity in higher education is important [To whom is it important?], and that students learn better [Learn better!? Where's proof?] in diverse campus communities. These diverse communities facilitate the development of cultural competencies necessary for success in the modern global economy.

Thank you for your continued support of the University of Tennessee System.


e-Mail sent from UT Advocacy, Feb. 28, 2013:

(This was an e-mail address specifically to me. I am a UT alumni. They evidently got my e-mail address from my dsl account with AT&T.)


Dear [My Name (removed)],

Have you ever wondered if your advocacy efforts make a difference? In the case of SB 8, they did. Please see the following story from WPLN, Nashville Public Radio. Our UT advocates sent a strong message to legislators by sending over 1,300 emails, phone calls, and letters opposing the bill.

Even the bill's sponsor, Sen. Jim Summerville, noticed strong opposition, calling UT's advocacy presence an "army of lobbyists." While not "lobbyists" in legal or technical terms, we appreciate all of our advocates taking the time to speak out on the issue. You have made an impact: the bill has been defeated for the remainder of this legislative session. Thank you for your work as an advocate for UT.

(News report from Nashville Public Radio web site)

Anti-Affirmative Action Bill Torpedoed by UT

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013, by Blake Farmer

The state’s public universities have fended off a law intended to keep them from showing preference toward women and minorities. They say admissions and hiring practices don’t need to be reworked.

College officials say they’re already precluded by federal rules from giving applicants a leg up on the basis of race or gender. However, they do have programs to recruit certain under-represented groups, like black males.

Senator Jim Summerville of Dickson sponsored the bill and says he’s not surprised by the outcome.

“UT sent in an army of lobbyists to kill it. They said they don’t practice preferences. If they don’t, what was the big deal?”

Summerville’s legislation spawned hours of debate about affirmative action. The bill failed after three members of the Senate Education Committee – one Democrat and two Republicans – refused to vote.


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