I put the rock out at least a couple weeks ago. Only got a few pics and the deer were just passing through or grazing on the fresh cut area.

5 days ago, I replaced the batteries in my Wildview because night pics had gotten darker and darker till they were black.

Today, after 5 days, the fresh batteries solved the problem and the deer started hitting the rock. Around 275 pics of deer in the past 5 days. I had to set the delay from 20 seconds to 1 minute due to the amount of pics. Mostly the same few does re-visiting the rock but I'm sure more will follow. Sorry I didn't have a spare card to swap so I will have to take my computer out there to transfer the pics.

No bucks yet, maybe I pushed em out of the area from walking the thicket too much. Think they will come back for spring and summer?

Here is the rock