Since I can actually seem to get responses here, I have another question about "working up a load". While I'm not new to reloading, I am new to starting a load from scratch.

background. I'm going elk hunting for the 1st time this October, so I picked up a Ruger 300 M77 Mark II 300 wsm. Since shells seem to average around $50 a pop, I got some free hulls & a set of dies.

I researched bullets & narrowed it down to Barnes TSX 165 grain which several people have said shoots good out of their rugers. Nosler Accubond was a close second. 180 grain bullets had mixed results. Some shot good, others didn't, but 165 was pretty consistently accurate and very capable of taking Elk sized animals.

I already had some IMR 4350, which is supposed to be a good Short Mag powder.

Now to the questions. How do "you" go about working up loads? Do you start at min? Start in the middle? Do you move up in 1/2 grain increments? i'm not one of those who believe I must shoot max.

The min-max listed on barnes site for this bullet is 61.0 min, and 68.0 max (compressed with 108% case capacity).

Thanks !
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