This was my first time ever eating or cooking trout. I decided to bake / broil some and smoke the rest. I didn't use brine and I hot smoked it. Had the smoker on at about 200 - 210 for a little over 3 hours until the fish reached 140 degrees. I seasoned them with olive oil, garlic powder, Cajun season, onion powder, little black pepper, and stuffed then with a lemon slice and butter.

I de-scaled one of them to taste the skin and it was delicious. I was a little worried about the little bones above the rib cage but I found them not to be a problem and just ate them since they were so small. The baked fish turned out well also but I definitely preferred the smoked fish. Pictures arenít great and I should have taken a pic of the meat after smoking them, but with a two year old running around the house, I donít get a chance to do a lot of things.