..and blames sequester that hasn't happened yet.

Despite potential budget cuts being 4 days away and Congress and the Administration have been negotiating to avoid them, the Department of Homeland Security has already started releasing hundreds of illegal aliens held in local jails in anticipation of automatic "sequestration" cuts - out of a planned total of more than 10,000 aliens to be released.

Sources tell Stand With Arizona that DHS has "34,000 beds" for illegal aliens, meaning that Secretary Janet Napolitano is releasing nearly 1/3 of all DHS-detained illegal aliens in the United States - despite the fact that no actual cuts have even begun, and despite a record of massive wasteful spending by DHS over the past 3 years.

Napolitano had been warning of potential impact to DHS after impending cuts, but now she has jumped the gun by enacting a "budgetary amnesty" by fiat - releasing thousands of criminal aliens amongst communities and families across the nation.

The New York Times reports that the aliens are being "freed on supervised release while their cases continue in court". But as SWA has reported in the past, many aliens facing deportation or prosecution on immigration holds never show up for those hearings, and remain in the country.

One Arizona Sheriff called the DHS action politically motivated -- and dangerous.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said Tuesday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement released more than 500 detainees in his county alone over the weekend. ICE officials told Babeu that they plan to release a total of nearly 10,000 illegal aliens.

Babeu described the move as a "mass budget pardon" and suggested the administration was going to unnecessary lengths to demonstrate the impact of the so-called sequester.

"President Obama would never release 500 criminal illegals to the streets of his hometown, yet he has no problem with releasing them in Arizona. The safety of the public is threatened and the rule of law discarded as a political tactic in this sequester battle," he said.
An ICE official confirmed the plans without specifying how many illegal aliens might be released.
Spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said ICE had directed field offices to make sure the "detained population" is "in line with available funding." She stressed that ICE would continue to prosecute the cases while keeping them "under supervision".

The announcement comes after DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano on Monday warned about the potential impact of the cuts. She said the department "would not be able to maintain the detention beds as required by Congress."

"We're doing our very best to minimize the impacts of sequester. But there's only so much I can do," she said. "I'm supposed to have (thousands of) detention beds for immigration. How do I pay for those?"

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., called the move to release illegal immigrants "abhorrent."

"By releasing criminal immigrants onto the streets, the administration is needlessly endangering American lives," he said in a statement.

In Arizona, Babeu slammed the move, painting his community as a victim of gridlock in Washington.

"Clearly, serious criminals are being released to the streets of our local communities by this mass budget pardon. This is insane that public safety is sacrificed when it should be the budget priority that's safeguarded," he said.

As Arizona, and other states brace for the impact of this disgraceful and lawless action, we call on Sheriffs across America to defy this corrupt DHS Secretary, and detain as many illegal aliens as possible. We know that Sheriff Joe and his deputies are on high alert today as these alien criminals are being set loose in our communities.

Just when you think the shameful pandering and legal anarchy of this Administration can't get any worse, it does...in spades.

"To find out who your real rulers are, simply look to those whom you CANNOT criticize..."