I came home the other day to find that my buddy who is a massive bow hunter in Wisconsin sent me his old bow. Its a Hoyt Avenger set at 29 draw length (just right for me from what I have read and measured) it is 60-70 draw weight, currently set about 63 lbs. It has a HHA sight that is missing some pins. It has a Trophy Taker drop away rest. And he even sent me his old release. So here is what I need...

1. A shop in the Knoxville area that won't take advantage of a newb. From the Knoxville thread it looks like Bowhunter's Pro Shop in Maryville is the closest. I'd like some expert help in getting the bow set up for me. I'm close to Gander Mtn but nobody seemed to like them in the other thread. Is BassPro the same as Gander? The reason I ask is because BassPro seems to have quite the selection of arrows. Which brings me to question 2.

2. Arrows. My buddy who gave me the bow used the Easton Bloodline. My other buddy uses the Goldtip XT. Are there others I should look at? Why do I not want the BassPro (Redhead?) or Gander Mtn (Whitetail?) brand arrows? Also related to arrows, how do I know what position the fletching and nock need to be in so that the fletching won't hit the rest? And will the shop I buy arrows help me figure the fletching nock thing out?

3. Sights, I'm looking for something simple to learn and maybe hunt a few seasons on. Then evaluate what other options I'd like to have. I saw either a post here or an article about .029 covering up more of the target than .019. But how many pins do I need? Is it personal preference? Do I need a light and multiple bubbles or is just the brightest pins possible the best for a beginner?

Thanks and sorry if that is a lot to take in. I'm pretty excited.