How do fat people fit into waders? I'm 6' tall, 162 pounds, and it's all I can do to wedge myself into a pair. Sometime during the process, I'm flopping around on the ground behind the car like a fish out of water trying to pull these dang things on. Six to seven more weeks and, thankfully, I'll be wet wading again.

Adirondack46r called the other day and stated that he needed a day on the water. I'd been working a bunch and agreed to meet him at his place today around noon. After a quick stop at LRO, we hit the water. And it never looked better. Cold, clear, and plenty of it.

There were nice, wild, rainbows to be caught.

Little rainbows.

And, even a few brown fish

Adirondack46r and I caught roughly 7-9 fish a piece in the 2 hours we were there. The best part was, they were all caught on dry flies. I fished a size 12 parachute adams and he fished something with cdc, maybe a comparadum. I really kind of forget. When we arrived at the stream, it was full of Quill Gordons and there were fish rising everywhere. I never even considered fishing a nymph.

Have a good day on the river.