Well man and I took off to Garrett Lake this afternoon.
This is our third trip in the boat.
The first two trips were pretty much hitch free.

Got there about 2:00, got everything settled and man backed me down the ramp.

Battery was only at like 61% and she drug a little but the motor fired up fine.
Got her going good and let the idle go down a bit then slid it in reverse.

Hmmm, put it back in neutral and then back into reverse and gave it quite a bit of gas.

Put it in forward and tried to jump the truck, nothing.

Went ahead and pushed it off the trailer and fished for about an hour and a half then went back to the ramp.
Got it on the trailer without TOO much trouble and pulled it out.

Took the cover off and just as I suspected the linkage had come loose.

Looks like it is gonna be a PAIN to reach the part that actually puts the motor in gear to get it around to where I can connect it to the other bracket thing.

Could be worse.... I am sure eventually it will be too. \:D

Man got one bite but the fish was so small he couldn't even tell it was on the big deep crankbait and it got off at the boat.
I didn't even get a nibble.

Great afternoon though.
Youth is wasted on the young.