Spurhunter was nice enough to invite me up to his lease this morning to squirrel hunt with him and his son. I tried my best to prep him for the realities of February Squirrel hunting, but he was feeling confident. They nabbed two squirrels and I got a rabbit. Despite being a nice morning, it was slow in the woods.

After we packed it in, I decided to ease on up to the Hatchie Refuge and try to kick up some more Rabbits. The water was up pretty good, so I was a little limited as to where I could go, but I managed to get two big ol' swamp rabbits. Mind you, I was freakin' starving by this point and Andy S. is texting me foodporn pics from Helen's BBQ.

Anyway, came straight home and put some heart and livers on the skillet.

It doesn't have to be fun to be fun.

Wild & crazy, can't be stopped. Only the strong will survive.

Keep your knife sharp and your skillet greasy.