I have never owned a semi auto pistol , I have leaned to the revolvers side, with that said I am in the market for a good semi auto , I have no one type or cal in mind so I am pretty much open to all makes , I would like it to be either a 9 ,40 or 45 cal , it will mostly be for plinking and just to say I have one , but would like to be able to carry it if need be , I don't want no jam o matic so I want to stay will a good name brand , I have a budget of 600 or so , I don't much like the looks of a glock but would still be happy with one if its the right fit , the one that's kinda caught my eye is a beretta 92fs , my local shop has a used one for 389 or new for 600 plus tax , just kinda wanted to hear y'all's suggestions before i buy, I one thing I would love to have on it is a laser site or the ability to add one later . Of course ammo selection and price is a big factory as well , thanks for your advice .