This is from a friend of mine who attended the rally organized by Senator Lamar Alexander that was held today at Old Hickory Dam:

"I was there. Senator Alexander did a good job. He said that the COE is off base. That the dams are dangerous when they generate, but they only generate 20% of the time. The other 80% it is safe to fish. He gave the example that this was like having the gates on a train track down all the time. We only need the gates down when the train is coming.

He said he met with the Colonel and the General in charge with no results. He has a meeting with the Under Secretary of the Army next week. He has written legislation that he will introduce into the Senate next week to slow the Colonel down, "if its legislation they want, its legislation they will get!" if that doesn't work, he is on the Appropriations Committee and he will work to take the COE funding away. He wants to know where the $2.6 million is coming from to buy the cables. He also said there were 15 Colonels before this one that didn't think this was a good idea... Why is it a good idea now? I walked away feeling the Senator is determined to work out an acceptable compromise with the Colonel if the Colonel will work with them. If not, he has other avenues he will pursue.

The TWRA spoke too. The TWRA said they have been in charge of enforcement on both TVA and COE waters since the beginning of dam controlled waters. They have no intentions of enforcing penetration of the barriers. Both the Senator and the TWRA made it clear this was a raw deal for the Tennessee and Kentucky sportsman.

The realization that I/We do not have a voice through our elected officials and that an officer in the Army can thumb his nose at our representatives and do as he pleases is a dose of reality. Thank God for the second amendment!"
It's not rocket surgery, for crying outside!