Hey guys.

We are looking at putting in another bedroom in the family home. The room in question figures to measure around 16x30 with a 3' closet running the width on one end.

Between my father-in-law and I we can do quite a bit of the work. We can frame it and run electrical and do the drywall. However, we do have some questions regarding tying it into the existing roof and foundation work.

I'd kindly ask any member with home building knowledge who doesn't mind sharing a little information with us to please do.

Obviously we are trying to do most of the work ourselves so that we can cut down on the costs. I'm pretty confident that what I don't know I can figure out but it wouldn't hurt to get some help along the way and especially before starting. If you can help me out maybe we can help you out and give you a place to deer hunt this fall.

PMs are welcomed.