Ok so we recently got some new neighbors. They are about the same age as us. Well we have noticed that for some reason the male of the house likes to walk his dog over a few feet and let his dogs poop right at my driveway. Right next to our cars. He has a whole yard his dogs can poop in. I have dogs too and it's bad enough that I have enough poop in my front yard from my dogs but I don't need it at the side of my house at my driveway. If you look over I don't think he has any In His yard. I haven't really met them yet but the first time I went and let my dog take a big dump In the middle of their yard. Nope still doing it. Now I'm thinking about flinging it back over into their yard or piling it up and putting it on their porch. Thoughts? Just seems disrespectful since I don't let my dogs go in either yard next to my house but let my own do as they please In my own yard.