No its not a

My cousin helps run an exotic pet shop in Waco TX...I came through there today to see his brother, my other cousin, which had a new baby...You can see that on my FB...Well they take me to the pet store and I held everything you can think of...Of coarse I was drawn to the snakes do to I use to own a 5' Ball Python...They had all types of weird rodents but the the two coolest things they had was a prairie dog and tortoises...

They didn't have a baby prairie dog for sale but they had baby tortoises...I bought them both one \:\) they had a 2 year old in the shop and he was about 25 lbs and almost as big as a steering wheel...They said they live over 100 years old...I am not sure I made a good choice \:D

Actually I have big plans for them as they get bigger...We are about to start our new house and I plan to use part of my landscaping for their habitat...I hope this all works...

Turtle rides for $5 dollars (in 5 years) \:D

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