Well blessed again, I had a great year. Never thought I could of topped last year, and the large buck I killed. After taking a buck of a lifetime and 4th largest archery buck in Tn and only killing 9 all together in 2011-2012, I really wanted to get back to my old ways.

I killed a nice tom in the spring, I prefer deer hunting over Turkey but yet still find my self in the woods in the spring.

Deer season had a lot of ups and downs as far as movement but I did manage to kill 20 in 9 different counties and i let more does walk this year than I ever have. I am a firm believer that unit L is not having an impact on the deer population as most hunters just dont harvest the does.

I had a great time hunting with several good friends, PMC, TX300 mag, hunter drew,ACHunter, down the brown, model 70 man, and kimberman.

I got ACHunter's ml shooting good the night before opening day of ML. He was really wanting to get one before his back surgury that would keep him from hunting the rest of season. One week day during the first week of ml while hunting together he busted 2. I had to drag one up a huge hill and gut them both but i was tickled to death for him.

tx300mag hunter drew took me on a hunting trip that i will never forget hunted Drews honey hole in madison county and busted a nice mama doe then for a special treat we went to TX's family farm in henderson co I was offered to hunt the best spot on the place. Sounds like fun right...not 32 foot wooden ladder shakey as heck with my big but climbing it up into a massive oak but using the life line and harness I knew i wouldnt hit the ground. The view was awesome and it produced another doe and the 168 berger out of the 7 saum was very unforgiving.

Later in the year I hunted with drew in Houston county and got to hunt a big field which i hardly ever get to. I tagged the last deer of the year.

PMC and my self hunted several times this year with great memories as usual. he is very handy holding a flash light while i change the tire on the truck opening day of rifle season. That evening hunt is one we both will never forget.

I got to invite Gene aka down the brown up here and take him hunting as he has taken me a few times in the years past in west tn. we hunted up in Ashland city and he passed on a doe. you can lead a horse to water but cant make em drink.

East Tn swing was awesome Rick and Andy are the best. Andy's wife cooked a heck of a meal and the deer were plentiful. I got to use rick's 460 s&w TC to take a small buck and then took a lil button with the ole rem700, Great time nothing like a boat ride with 20 degree temps.

But the 3 best hunts were with my wife and my son and step daughter. No matter how much I hunt and run all over the state I still make time to hunt with the wife and the kids on Juvi weekend.

Sat Juvi weekend was the best day of hunting I have ever had. My step daughter Brooklyn, (15 at the time) the one who would never shoot guns or hunt or any thing, killed her fist deer, a spike. Since me and her mom has been married and she has lived down here she has became the lil redneck. Riding 4 wheelers till 10 pm, shooting all sorts of guns, and liking it, to the ultimate killing her first deer. She even had to take a picture to school to have put in the year book. The high school here has a "hunting" picture page. She practiced hard and shot great and busted a nice lil spike, he is at the taxidermist to be mounted to....her request no euro mount she wanted full on shoulder mount. Well she is getting it.

That eve I took my son as usual he is the luckiest lil fella. He shot a nice lil 8 pointer.

My wife got her first deer last year, and was ready to go a few times this year. I took her 2x in nov with no luck and she just wasnt in to it due to her looming back surgery. Well i just had this feeling dec 30th that the eve hunt would be a good time, so i made her go. She shot a good doe 130 yds or so it was a great day cause i shot my first bobcat that morning.

I killed a black yote and a reg color phase one as well all in all a great year
I set my all time best of killing deer in 9 different counties previously beating the 7 county mark. I also killed deer in 5 new counties to add to my list, as I would love to kill deer in every county in TN.

a few pics

2 largest does of the year dressed 120 and 105

my sons 8 pointer

my step daughters spike

my wifes doe

lil 10 pointer this year

Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know