I have put this off for a while but I really need some prayers. In December my father had a pet/cat scan that said he had cancer in his right lung and trachea. Thru a series of mishaps (from his nurse practitioner) he had been sent to a cancer Dr. and 3 other Drs. Well last week he finally had a needle Biopsy done on his Lymph nodes and it came back clear and so was his trachea. But when he woke up from anesthesia he ended up going off on nurses then my Sister and Brother calling them is useless kids. Which my brother and sister do understand he was not in his right mind, but still it tore them up. Then this Weekend Ben & I went up there (he lives in Indiana ) and we took him for needle biopsy of lung. They did not and will not put him under anesthesia again. It went very well but we won’t know anything until the 27th. And in the meantime he ended up in the hospital for 3 days with Congestive Heart Failure, which we know can and is being treated. But of course then he goes thru the “I am going to die of that now” stage.
Then last Wednesday my other sister had a skin cancer on her face and went to get it taken care of and they had to go down 4 layers to get to clean tissue, they left a whole on her face the size of a half dollar and then did almost a face lift on one side of her face and she may have to have a bit of radiation treatments. WE will know sometime this week.
Then Friday my 20 year old nephew had a bad epileptic type seizure and fell cutting his face and getting some stitches in it. He has never had anything like this, and will be having MRI and EEG to find out what is going on. At this time, he can’t drive or work and is very frustrated and bit scared.
So please, if you have a few prayers to spare send them my family’s way