My wife's family has land in Henrietta that I began hunting last fall. It was logged over a decade ago, and the undergrowth is amazingly thick. There is one "old school" food plot field with a stand in it, one large 7 acre field,and a lot of woodlands including one 20+ yr. old overgrown field also.

The only other person hunting the land is one of the uncles. Unfortunately, there is a lot of non "quality" pressure around... sounds like fireworks most mornings during deer season.

So my plans for this year are as follows:
this field is 1 acre and is getting raked and overseeded/ late frost seeded with 3 lbs of ladino and a pound of chicory tomorrow:

next month, I am going to plant 2 rows of lablab and cage it until it establishes, as well as putting a couple blackberry bushes in it...

I am cutting in a deep kill plot in a no till mix blended with chicory and clover additionally. It will be about 1/2 acre. I am hinge cutting to provide cover and natural trail direction:

great location- deep in a valley next to a spring fed stream...

then I have found a few more spots that look good for "micro plots"

the idea is to feed them, attract them, and hold them as much as possible. By putting in many small "snack" plots as well as a couple good maintenance feeding fields, I am hoping to achieve that. smaller fields will be mixed- mostly clover, but I am thinking come fall a couple will get brassicas and turnips...

here are some of the areas:

old logging trail:

right now I am working on clearing and liming. teh big food plot and the hidden one shown first will be the only producers this summer, the small plots I will be clearing, working over, and liming in prep for a fall planting.

I am going to add some arrowleaf clover as well to both of the plots for this year.

Any advice or help- guidance- would be appreciated. plant mix, location advice, lessons learned, etc.

and this is the big field:

will be an apple/ peach/ pear orchard up top in about 10 more years. the bottom part will get put out in clover...

so I guess this is a new grow thread? I will implement what advice I can and provide updates as the months go on.