Some of you saw Poser's post last week about a TV show wanting to do a hunt--

The series I'm working on right now is a food series. It's sponsored by Hellmann's and follows 2 chefs from New York around the country on different food-oriented adventures.

I'm really interested in getting the guys to go hunting while they're in Tennessee. We'll be there next week and would ideally like someone who was willing to be on camera to take the guys hunting and teach them a little about it.

Sounded intriguing, so I volunteered to help, but it seems to be getting more complicated every day. Here are the facts so far:

1) Max and Eli, brother chefs from Brooklyn, want to go on a real, genyoowine TN squirrel hunt.

2) I am now their guide and pro-staff squirrel hunter. I have recruited Catman as my technical adviser and shell caddy.

3) The last time I hunted squirrels, I came home with a half dozen only to be met by my wife on the porch with the news, "I'm in labor." That baby is now 21.

4) One of the worst wind storms of the year is currently tearing limbs from the trees. Tomorrow winds will be a mild 15 MPH with dropping temps as a Nor'wester blows through.

5) I will be stalking into the woods, followed by my caddy, 2 chefs, 2 cameramen, and a producer. I hope he leaves his megaphone in the truck.

6) It will be MY job to then cook the squirrels in a fashion as to wow the visiting chefs.

7) My preparation for tomorrow morning's hunt will be to lie awake in bed tonight thinking about how in the world I'll be able to pull ANY of this off.

What could possibly go wrong?
Some hunt for racks, some hunt for roasts. I hunt for sheer joy; the aforementioned items are merely fringe benefits.