Was looking at and pricing copper pipe (tubing), both 1/4 in and 1/2 in. The price of the 1/2 in was only very slightly more than #6 copper wire and much less than #4 wire. Would this tubing, 1/2 or 1/4, work well as a substitute for a ground wire? I'm not talking about a ground rod but a ground wire, like what I would use from my MFJ entrance panel ground rod to the electrical main panel.
Also, I need to make two right angle bends. Could I use a copper right angle "coupler"? Would that be too short a radius? There would be no danger of kinking as with wire. I would have to join sections of the 10 ft length 1/2 inch tubing together. Would "straight couplers" work here? I realize soldering would melt and I don't know about the conductivity of plumbing solder either?? However, plumbing grounds are sometimes used (as in my home) as a grouind and quite often, prob more often than not, are soldered. BTW the 1/4 in tubing comes in 25 ft rolls.
Thanks Ray