Hey guys. Looking at getting a couple of start bows in the next few weeks. Money as usual is the main issue. I've looked at a couple of used Browning Micro Midas and they look ok, but I found Martin's Threshold NG1 brand new for under $200.00.

I've read reviews on a few other sites and no one is saying stay away from it, but they aren't recommending it either. Most people advise is to save a little more and get a Diamond or a Bengal, thing is I'll have what I have when I have it. The idea of putting the boys in new bows for $200.00 each is very appealing.

I can get it them 50lb or 70lb draw weight's and am leaning towards the 50lb which can be reduced to 40lb. I figured they could shoot them for several years and pass them on. Anyone's thoughts?
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