I have my Dad's 1991 Chevy Cheyenne 2500 that he drove a lot. I'm looking to replace or rebuild the 305.

I'm thinking about buying a crate GM engine but I also have the option to rebuild the engine. I broker it down and put a rebuild kit in it and time got away from me... Two summers later and rust build on the cylinder walls really buggered up the rings.

I believe this truck was originally equipped with TBI but has a junk carb on it now that absolutely will not be in consideration to use again.

Dad taught me a lot about engines and I could look up the odds and ends that I don't know.

You that are familiar with this type of stuff.. Should I buy or rebuild? Cost will add up quick if I get the motor dipped, valve job done... new carburetor (or TB kit).. whatever else I've missed and the rebuild kit. I'll be doing either out in the yard anyway but I would like to buy a 350 GM motor. The truck has the 4L60E transmission for what it's worth.

Thanks for any advice fellas. I want to do this thing right and give it to my kids one day.
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