Drove about 5,218 miles and durn near froze to death but I got it done.

Replaced the hubs on my boat trailer, new bearings, bearing buddys, new wheels and tires.

Probably could have got by a little cheaper but one hub had studs and the other had holes for bolts. I guess one had been replaced before.
I would rather start out new so I know what I got behind me.

One of them, when I pulled the hub off the bearing was in about 218 different pieces and the grease was black as tar.
It was the one with holes for the bolts.

The other one, he had lost the cap (bearing buddy) and had clamped the end of a mountain dew bottle on it and rolled on I guess.
The grease in that one was colored and had the consistency of thick chocolate milk. LOL
I am pretty surprised after seeing it that we got back and forth to Garrett Lake twice.

New tires were gonna be $54 each plus the disposal fee plus mounting fees so I figured it up and spent $20 total more and got two new tires and wheels.

Just makes me feel better knowing everything is good to go anyway.

Went ahead and bought a set of bearings also just for in case.
Bought a new fuel line / bubble kit too.

I am ready to go fishing. \:D
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