well I think I fixed the problem with my Moultrie night time pics. This is the only one I got but the flash worked correctly.

I put the camera by a fence crossing 2 houses up from my own backyard, yesterday afternoon. It took this one pic last night. The scrape was somewhat covered in leaves, so I thought it had gone dry, but apparently the deer are still using it or at least the licking branch. There is a good rub on the tree behind the deer.

My questions are -

1- will does use a licking branch
2- will button bucks use a licking branch
3- or do you think it's a shed buck?

I am going with button buck because I know there is a button that uses the area. And body shape and size suggests a very young deer. Saw a button and shot one of his female buddies on the second last day of deer season. I didn't know if buttons or does would use a licking branch though, but I don't see why not.