I started the thread just off of curiosity since the caliber is now legal and I note there are pretty good rounds made for hunting, 78 gr, Rem Corelock or Nosler Partition.

I've used a .270 for about 25 years now, before that it was a 30-06. I love the .270 for whitetail, probably if I had to do it all over again I might go .243 with the standard 100 gr.

Where I hunt in Loudon it's overrun with yotes & I take 1 or 2 per year with the .270. Often a pair of area beagles will run one by at 150/200 yards. I've got a sweet Colt AR w/Trijicon ACOG scope that would be the ticket for those situations so was just wanting opinions for those that had used it on whitetails. I've always thought 100 grain bullets would be about the minimum I'd want for whitetails....
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