these are one of my most favorite things to find in the woods. Possibly more so than shed antlers...

Hopefully this spring will warm up slowly and with some rain to bring a good crop of morels. Been praying for a good spring for morel hunting. I would like to find a good bunch of em and also find some with a few members here who have been interested.

Last year they came out very early, I did manage to find nearly 200 of them, but it warmed up too quick and did not rain enough, so all the mushrooms dried out and 2011's honey holes didn't produce any (in 2011 I found 200 shrooms in one afternoon).

some of yall know I tend to post about these mushrooms way too early, I can't help it, sorry. \:D I made the mistake a couple nights ago of watching youtube videos of morel hunting and that set me off.