well I will post a pic in the general forum when the mount is complete and it's hanging on the wall, but here is the progress as of this morning. Boiled, cleaned, bleached, dried, ready to mount. I have only boiled 2 heads for euro mounts and this one is a huge improvement from my first. And it is probably the most smelly one I will do in a while. lots of rotten meat left on the deer's head when I found it. Skull has a funny smell to it, antlers smell like smoke \:D

The buck's death was most likely caused by an abscess in the brain caused by an injury to the skull at the base of the right antler... thanks BSK for the diagnosis. The pedicle is cracked and healed a bit, and there is a deep crevice behind the antler and a hole inside the brain cavity under the antler... This must have happened over a year ago in a fight because the antler has grown like a moose from the injury. Coolest thing I have found deer related in a while. Buck was 4.5 by the teeth.

Ready to find some sheds... will post pics when I get this rack on the wall.


Thought yall might want to see pics of the injury up close

pedicle crack:

hole inside the head:

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