As some of you know from me trying to sell and or trade stuff here on the classifieds I lost my job at the first of January. I have been lookin hard and prayin even harder for somethin to come along but no luck yet. I have been playin Mr. mom here at the house , you know all the indoor stuff that our wives do , cookin ,cleanin , laundry , etc.... . Well I need to get outside and do some work just so I don't lose my man card , lol . So if anyone would like some help I am offerin my services to help if at all possible. Need to work on old deer stands , clear shooting lanes , set up blinds , work on food plots , well , you see where I am goin with this. I am located just outside of Jackson tn so anywhere in the west tn area within a couple of hours drive I could help with those chores. I not goin to ask for money but any donations would be greatly appreciated. During the week , monday thru friday would be best for me cause the weekend is the only time I really have time to spend with Mrs. Papaw. If I can help in anyway just send me a PM and we will try to work something out. Thank you!